Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics is an energetic and challenging adventure day, allowing the participants to shine outside of the normal working environment. The games are staged in a beautiful and safe coastal location, meters from the clear waters of the Arabian Sea. On arrival your group will be greeted by members of the Explorer Tours staff, who will lead your group to the activity sight. Your group will be organized into smaller teams, ready to face each other in the ultimate game of skill and ability. All of the games and activities are designed to be exciting and challenging as well as entertaining. The games will push the competitors to think, communicate and work together, with the added thrill of competition. Following each activity the teams are given the opportunity to discuss the activity. Exploring what worked well, what could have been improved and all in an environment of positive encouragement and praise, before moving on to the next task and the opportunity to score more points. All activities and events are supervised by experienced and qualified staff. At the end of the day following the awards ceremony there is an opportunity for all participants to relax, have a swim, all supervised by our qualified staff. Before making your way onto the coaches and returning to your location Breakdown of activities Water Balloon volleyball: More fun than playing the normal volley ball using a nice big balloon half-filled with water for the ball. . You could allow for two/four participants holding a blanket as a launcher and the opposite team will have the same to hold the balloons… It’s great, squishy, blobby wet and fun. The minefield: A Key for the treasure is sitting inside the see through tube which is located in a mine field. The participants will have to find a way to get the key so that they can open the treasure box. Stepping stone: Two circles of rope are laid out on the ground (one large, one small). The small circle is placed within the larger circle. The team, using only the four stepping stones provided, must all get themselves into the smaller circle without touching the ground. Rope maze: A very jumbled and twisted loop of rope is laid on the ground. They must now unravel the rope so that is again a continuous loop, but they cannot take their hands off the rope for any reason. Holed the bucket number: Team members will take the challenge of filling the large bucket with water. The holes in the bucket make it a difficult physical challenge but the same time it is fun since it is done as a relay race. Inflatable whale relay: Team members will inflate the wale to take part in this challenge and run around a 10 meter course having the Shark trapped in between the legs which makes it a fun team challenge. Sand Castle competition: Beach team building activities have never been more fun than with the Team Sand Castle Build! Each team is charged with the challenge of building an innovative, beautiful sand sculpture with very limited resources available. Beach Ski: One of the important team building exercises in our famous Beach Olympics. The focus and benefits of this activity is Communication, cooperation and alignment of every individual in the team towards common goal. Water bucket challenge: Have the teams lie on their backs in a circle with their feet raised to meet in the middle, balancing a bucket of water on their feet. There Begins the real challenge… Tug of war: A twenty meter length of rope is laid on the ground. The middle of the rope is marked with a piece of colored tape. Two teams pick up the rope from opposing sides and prepare to pull the center marker on the rope to the two meter marker nearest to them.

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