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Running in Dubai: Al Qudra & Al Qudra Lakes |

Running in Dubai: Al Qudra & Al Qudra Lakes

Obviously, you can bike or run pretty much anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, but there’s a remote road to encourage further little adventures most challenging for cyclers and runners alike: the Al Qudra Road Cycle Path in Dubai, UAE. Why come here? The Al Qudra Road is an 85km path on the outskirts of Dubai safer for cycling or running out of the way of traffic. The road offers the right challenge to sports lovers, thanks to the desert sand blowing on its surface and affords relaxing views. The road for cyclers or runners is well worth the effort, as the marked route—aka the Cycle Track in Dubai—offers a specific biking/running lane that gets way remote. Be prepared, the area isn’t very picturesque; however, the road is unlike any other place to bike or run. Therefore, why not add this to your to-do list and see what Al Qudra has to offer for cyclists or runners (including, walkers, or joggers) while escaping the city and having an opportunity to literally “Stay on Track” and be fit. Your endurance training can start here on a newly paved path for cyclists/runners on tarmac with a sand embankment, which is only for the well prepared. Bear in mind, also, that only parts of the route benefit from the lighting of main Al-Qudra road while other segments might not be much lit at night where the track becomes more remote. The path is said to be a “Cyclists’ heaven, or close enough,” and it suits the growing community of cyclers (as well as its runners) in the middle of the dessert. It is said to be the ideal place to experience desert condition endurance at its finest on this circuit with its several extensions to the main ring. The Al Qudra Road Cycle Path in Dubai, in fact, features two main parts: The Stick which is approximately 18K out and back and the loop which is 50K and a bikers’ favorite. The loop will be the less lit at night. Are you tempted to give it a try? If so, car park spaces and toilet facilities are available at the beginning of the Dubai Cycle Path that leads down Al Qudra road for cyclers and runners in the area. There’s a mini market where you can buy food and beverages and an Emergency point that are at the car park. Once you leave this spot, no water spots or toilets. You are in the desert, so take enough water and some emergency equipment, including a mobile.

Fact: Al Qudra Cycle Track is a dedicated cycling area and is a personal initiative by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. The Al Qudra cycling/running track is made up of asphalt and is mainly flat, but bikers/runners have paths on the side (trail) or inside (desert dunes) as options.
Note: A bike shop can be found in the area next to the Al Qudra cycling track; bikes for rent, mechanical parts, a workshop to tend to speed bikes, or purchase cycling outfit gear and accessories too. The Al Qudra surroundings and environment feature not only a desert wild location with animals in the neighborhood but also a cluster of manmade lagoons: the Al Qudra Lakes. The road is situated in the middle of Seih Al Salam desert, is an ideal place also to see various wildlife such as oryx or Arabian antelope and camels who often roam past the cycle path. Bird watching is also a possibility in the oasis of greenery around the lakes where a new eco-system is being developed, tells Khaleej Times; in fact, this area is part of a project to green and enrich that part of the desert of Dubai while enhancing the natural beauty of this already scenic landscape that forms an important wetland for over a hundred species of mainland and migratory birds. In addition, the wildlife includes plenty of lagoon-going stocking of Tilapia fishes that spawn and feeds voraciously on plankton on parts of its banks that are covered with reed-beds, according to Dr. Khan, a specialist in wildlife and zoo management at the Public Parks and Horticulture department of the Dubai Municipality which oversees the conservation and preservation of the desert-greenery plains of Al Qudra Lakes’ resources. The Al Qudra Road provides definitely much to admire and plenty of opportunity for fun and fitness.

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