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How Can the Trump and Brexit Situations Allow Dubai to Gain a Stronger Foothold in Global Markets? |

How Can the Trump and Brexit Situations Allow Dubai to Gain a Stronger Foothold in Global Markets?

There is no doubt that provisions ahead of Britain leaving the EU and the early days of the Trump presidency are both having significant impacts on the markets and politics all over the world, including in the UAE, however for some, whether at the individual, corporate or country level, the volatility and change ushered in by these events can present some opportunities. Dubai may be able to take advantage of the unsettled situations in Europe and North America to gain more prominence in the global markets, attract more visitors, and gain growth. Smart Investment Strategies That Negate the Impact of US and European Events   Investors in Dubai are already looking at strategies where they can focus on microtrends, such as the growth in cities (and therefore urban construction and services) around the world – with over a billion people expected to migrate to cities from less urban areas in the next 15 years, and cities in some countries such as Kenya growing at several times the rate of the countries themselves. These microtrends are largely unaffected or at least less sensitive to the impact of Trump or Brexit, and so are seen as good strategic focuses for investors like Abraaj. On the other hand, individual investors can also look at things like CFD trades based around the US and UK currencies to try and actually profit directly from the volatility. Construction Boom  

At the national level, Dubai is experiencing a construction boom ahead of Expo 2020. While this would probably be happening even without the other things going on in the world, it will signify growth in the economy as people are hired to work on the projects and good deals on things like materials may be more available to the UAE as Trump’s protectionist policies make other trading partners less inclined to focus on US construction as their main market. There are around 4000 construction projects active at various stages in Dubai right now, with 3000 of those falling under the urban construction banner. Things like the Dubai Harbour project and Metro Red Line Extension may compliment plans for Expo 2020, but will also improve services and make the country an even more appealing place to visit or do business.
Tourism   With that in mind, Dubai may have a chance to win over more tourists in the wake of Brexit and as the US becomes harder to visit under Trump’s policies. Dubai has been seen as one of the world’s top luxury destinations for travel for decades now, and as people from Britain potentially lose the ability to travel unchecked to European destinations, they may well start to consider Dubai an alternative to visiting Mediterranean destinations as tourists. The new developments that are currently being built will offer plenty of new choices for people looking to make Dubai their leisure destination of choice. People who may have previously chosen to visit the US may also now find themselves looking for a new place to enjoy, and Dubai will soon have even more to offer than it already does. By making travel into Dubai as easy and frequent as possible and marketing to new audiences, Dubai’s tourism industry could be set to thrive in the current climate.