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Dubai Hosting a Vertical Marathon – Media One Run 2017 |

Dubai Hosting a Vertical Marathon – Media One Run 2017

The MediaOne Hotel Vertical Run is back! There are to be many competitors at this year’s staircase run, which is a marathon-inspired race in a time trial format for both individuals and teams. Participants will start from the ground level and run through the car park up to parking level 7. They will then face the most challenging part of the race: a 33-floor / 700+-step challenge from level 7 all the way to level 42. A “Vertical Marathon” takes running and climbing to an all new level and is said to be more demanding than a sprint and more exhausting than a marathon. Stairclimbing races, which involves ascending a man-made structure, is a strenuous sport with a runner going up thousands of steps and many flights of stairs to get to the next floors. Are you ready for the Climb at Media One Hotel? The Vertical Marathon towerrunning (stair racing) will take place on Saturday, 18.02.2017. The Media 1 Tower is a 43-floor tower in the Dubai Media City that has a total structural height of 175 m (574 ft). The hotel itself occupies the first 23 floors. Course Difficulty: Moderate – 30+ floors Individual and Team Relay Categories: Gender and Age – Male and Female (Age 17 – 99) Start time: 10:00 am – Individuals (starting at 10am) and relay teams (starting immediately after the individual race) Finish Location: Level 42 (Business Tower) Medals and Certificates – awarded to all finishers Award Ceremony on THE DEK on 8 (8th floor) –  Lunch and drinks for all participants Prizes: AED 2,500 if you beat the track record + AED 1,200 (1st place), AED 800 (2nd place), AED 400 (3rd place) for men/female individuals; total value AED 50,000 with prizes awarded to the 3 top men, the 3 top women. In addition, there’s up to 90,000 AED in prizes and 10,000 AED for the raffle draw. Log onto for more details. Spectator Areas and Support Stations (Water, First Aid):  At cafeM terrace (ground floor), P7 (relay change point) and 42nd floor Registration: ongoing until 16.02.2017 00:00 AM. Pre-registration online is a must. Entry fee: AED 99 Race Pack Collection: On the day of the event – at cafeM on the ground floor Start Location: MediaOne Hotel. Bib Number and Goody Bag included. Parking Info: First come, first serve valet parking and there’s the public Media City Parking area too. This year Piotr ‘Showtime’ Lobodzinski, the reigning tower running world champion, will be also participating in the run. So, come on out to see some of the world’s best professionals and amateurs climb up the MediaOne Hotel staircase. Bystanders may come to help cheer on UAE’s competitors from M1 Run 2016 to see if they can improve their performance this year.

Media One Run Dubai 2017 and other Stairclimbing Sport Events can be very demanding for participating athletes. It’s tough, says the sport’s most prestigious participants, noting stair-climbing puts stress on your knee and hip joints and injuries can occur unless your body is ready for the endeavor. Therefore, for vertical racers who attempt tower races it’s best to be prepared in advance.
So how do you prepare as a vertical runner and be efficient at short distance sprinting?
  • Vertical Training – It helps to train on stairs or use an incline treadmill to gradually increase your speed. High-speed running can be performed with maximal effort and acceleration.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness – It helps to build up some athleticism and endurance, as well as improve strength and stability throughout the duration of the run. These are some important qualities for many of these athletes; the only way is up in the name of fitness and fun! That’s exactly what the Vertical Race is all about.
Amateur Tips for Running and Climbing:
  • Running Stairs Technique – Those able to sprint up the building stairway may consider to run stairs by skipping every other step.
  • Stair Climbing – Make sure to use your arms; many stair climber also make use of the handrail to climb more floors and continue to the finish line.
DubaiBlog will be Media Partner of the event. The Climb at Media One Hotel is supported by Towerrunning World Association (TWA), the international governing body of the stair racing sport from all over the world. For more information about this sport and to see a list of races around the world, see: Partnering with TWA contributes to the reputation of this ever-growing event, according to Felix Hartmann, Operations Director at Media One Hotel. He also stated that “again our Media One Team is in training and is looking forward to preparing and participating in the race.” Join them for fitness and fun!

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